I remember.....

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when there were so many posts up here all day long it was all i could do to keep up now i come by every few days and its still all the same posts and shit. damn i kinda miss old hipmama.....when we talked bout important shit race, breastfeeding, silly shit too as i usually did.....


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I used to skim around here a bunch WAAAAAY before even really thinking about babies (um, like five or six years ago even)... and I could never keep up there was always so much activity... .but was so excited for when I got to join the hip mamas...and now its like tumbleweeds!

guess that's ok... but I sure wish more ladies would post more... I guess that includes me too...

hugs to you jessica... how have you been?

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When I first started on hipmama.com it was the year 2000 and the website was set up like a bulletinboard. I watched it grow from a tiny to unbelievable huge online community - then end. Then it was re-started and ended again. Some of the groups of members joined other smaller bulletin boards.

Everything changes, that seems to be the way of life. I am excited about what is here now. Everyone posting seems really interesting and thoughtful and intelligent. I'm excited to be a part of it.

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good point actually. I suppose its not as active at the moment but what is here, is good stuff...

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Please, Mamas, write! Your posts are windows through which we can see into your world.


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hey ma, I miss you! I know for a lot of people, myself included, circumstances have changed...my kids are older and I'm working outside the home way more now, writing a lot, teaching, working hard to get my bookstore re-opened. I still check out hipmama from time to time... :)

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Everyone's on facebook :( I still post here, though, regardless if anyone reads it or not. And when I really need to vent and get something off my chest, HM is always right here to cheer me on and make me feel like a winner! So it's not a COMPLETE ghost town. It's just not the continuous stream of vids, pics, and posts that it used to be.

I miss old HM, too. Just post more. If enough of us post more, it'll come back.

Has anyone seen the forum section of the site? There's forums!

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When did we get forums?? Thats cool.

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yeah im a facebooker im guilty!!! boy ui remember when i couldnt type a response fast enough on here lol. makes me feel all nostalgic and shit...

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