I might have a "problem"

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I've been buying a lot of plants lately. A LOT. Like $200 worth this month. Like I'm paying my rent late this month.
But, I don't regret any of the purchases. I like the idea that I might end up with a garden that is interesting, instead of merely weedy. I'm trying to work toward drought-friendly plants. But I sometimes end up buying weird ones, just because...a black petunia? Black stemmed mint? A black succulent? A red begonia? Black mondo grass? I did resist the kangaroo paw plant (creepy, fuzzy, weird) because it was $20.
I have started to do some planting in my backyard--which involves weeding, as well--and I have discovered that a couple of raspberry plants that I thought had been killed by a combo of lack of watering on my part and an over-aggressive weed-whacker on the part of my "weed and blow" gardeners, are alive! I also found a leftover volunteer kale and some other plants that I want to encourage, just because they are interesting to me right now.
I think I'm going to look online for other black plants.