i love the internet, really i do.

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i've had to cut back before. for some reason - i am not an addict - i can end up just spending copious amounts of time online. i've seen tv spots on how social media creates cravings as hard to resist as thirst.

i'm not there.

deliberately i don't have a smartphone because i don't want to carry the shit around with me and be available all the time. i know people with those things and you can't have a meeting with them, without them whipping out their ridiculous gadget and socializing with someone else. i know me. if i had me one of them gadgets, it's all i would do. i'd crash my car.

not an addict, don't confuse.

just saying i know me. you know, even before there was this thing, i obsessed on tv. not all tv, but current events, analysis, news, media, basically. i sought out alternate programming so you see, i could not be judged for how much i watched, but the quality of what it was that i watched. it convinced me that by watching i knew what was happening everywhere, more than other people, same as twitter does for me now.

i follow revolutionaries from all over america, europe, north africa and greece. i find out about actions and get amazing links to amazing coverage. not just of the actions but of the reasoning behind them, relevant links, i can get as deep into it as i choose.

i love twitter. i'm not hooked on it, i just like it.

with the tv, what i did was get rid of cable. it worked for me. to get my programming, which is still available, i have to look around for what i want. it's work. i only invest it in shows i actually like. this adds up to... an hour a day on average.

with internet, i've tried various tactics. unplugging completely, which is not advisable if you want to work, scheduling time for internet and NOT using it otherwise which means i have to fit my work into those times, only certain sites, which limits my time (being - most likely - OCD i do certain things at certain times. democracynow.org, between 8-12, never later, etc. so that sometimes works.

so the time has come to impose some limits again. i've taken to calling twitter my rabbit hole. i've taken to sitting down at the computer and looking up and it's two hours later and my work is undone.

day one was today. i didn't have a plan, just that i would turn it on for news when i got up, then off till dinner prep, which is when i watch my shows. but during the day, when the sun shines, the gadget is off. at night i will check my calendar so i won't be tempted to say "oh i have to check when that thing is due... oh what did Frothy say again? that bastard! oh i'm so informed!"

it was nice. i'm going to go with that till my brain resets itself.

not really alerting you that i'm going anywhere, i'm not. hipmama time will be in the designated spots, you won't notice a thing. just kinda sharing.

but for the record, i do love twitter.


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I think that one thing that I do which helps me limit my electronic garbage intake is to have a goal of some sort. I have a task or two to do, and I do those, and then I put the terrible brakes on. If I hop onto the 'puter or TV (and I don't even do twitter because I would drive myself crazy) without a plan, I can spend hours trying to get some satisfaction, which I never can, because I don't even know why I'm there.

"Mediocrity knows nothing higher than itself; but talent instantly recognizes genius"--Sir Arthur Conan Doyle