I love being a Mama

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I am sitting here trying to type this while nursing my daughters doll.. she is two and she knows when her baby is hungry (she absolutely refuses to give it a bottle..) So it is Mothers Day, and moments like this make me realize how much I love being a Mama. Even when I have to type with one finger. Even when I wake up before my husband on Mothers Day because my kids are fighting and my dog needs to go out.
I ate a delicious breakfast cooked by my husband and four kids, and when I told him that it was the best Sunday breakfast we'd had all year, I was serious. He didn't believe me of course, but it was true. For one because I didn't have to cook it, and for two because now he knows that it's not as easy as I make it look every week.... For three it was really delicious; pancakes, grits, homefries and oj, coffee and pure maple syrup. Yum I think I'll go eat the leftovers now....


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congratulations, sounds lovely.

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my little bot actually threw up on me today...and i smiled inside because i love being a mama!

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