I installed a new shower head.

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It was easy.
Now, I'm trying to decide if I should start painting my dining room (it's two shades of green, plus orange. I like color, but this shit sux), or try to rewire the light fixture that the on-again-off-again BF said that he would do. 6 months ago. 5 Months ago. Didn't talk for 2 months. 2 months ago. 3 weeks ago. 2 weeks ago. Finally came over and cleaned it up and took it apart last week. Was supposed to finish it last night. Called at the last minute and said he had band practice. (Yeh, the band with no songs and no gigs.) I bought the wire today at SuperLongs, and I have a book, and I'm handy and crafty. I should do this myself and then go m*sterbate with the new shower head.
I hate men.


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Rockin'. Go you. Don't keep him around if he's a flake. :-P

Good on you, mama, for being in charge of your space!

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I hate men too. They lie and they smell bad. Well, not my man. He just smells bad! :)

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You are fierce; gurrl. You so don't need any man doing this simple shit for you. The mister and I just replaced our kitchen light. It was super easy. I did need his help because the old one was one of those huge flourescent jobs; with mercury in the bulbs and god knows what else stuffed up in there...

follow the book, keep a web browser up and google for 'how to rewire light fixture". Take breaks when you need to. When you (if you) get frustrated or scared that you can't do this, step back, go back and look at the book, look at the web browser and regain your bearings. Take your time and it's gonna come out gorgeous.