How do you make YOU feel good

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what do you ladies do to boost your self esteem? What have you found helps most to get you out of a funk?
I'm not exactly sure what happened to me. People used to talk about this confidence I exuded, which is strange to me as I have not been someone with very high self-esteem, but whatever... I just want to know where did it go? And how do I get it back?
what do you fine ladies do? :)


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I do know what you mean oh so well, and a little too long. I have four children who keep me hopping. But I stil need to do things for me. I know that I will be a better mother and spouse if I don't lose sight of who I am, so you ask, what do we / I do?

I dug into what makes me happy and work hard at it to become better so that I satisfy myself with small and larger accomplishments. For a long time I was in school, but then I finished all there was to finish without starting a new field all together. Worked a lot. Had more kids. Melted down, but not entirely. (long story)

But what I do to bring myself joy is write. I write fiction, non-fiction, memoir (momoir). So if you have something you do that brings you fulfillment,... do more of that. :) what more can I say?
Good luck with your latest familial addition!
cheers to you.

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hands down exercise is the best thing to get me out of a funk, because it physically makes me feel up and energized. to boost self esteem I remind myself of my gifts and talents, and I make a conscious choice to look for the good in other people. I find that when I focus on what's wrong with other folks (or what I have the audacity to think is wrong with them) I might have a short term boost of feeling better about myself but in a very short time that sort of thinking burst very quickly as it's just artificial inflation. But when I look for the good in others, that's real and helps me to increase my self esteem.

also working on my goals! If there is something that you would like to do in life, no matter what your circumstances you can start working on it today usually. Like maybe you want to be a doctor or a nurse or whatever, you can't do that overnight or start med/nursing school today, but you can start research on what you need to do to get into school at some point in the future.

a trick for feeling physically good is to remember a moment when you felt a huge rush of pleasure/endorphins, like with orgasm or from running or just any time when you felt really good. You can learn how to use this recall memory to make yourself feel naturally 'high' whenever you like. When you feel good you exude more confidence and 'keep it moving' vibes!

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I think I'm experiencing a funk period and also have self esteem issues. The self esteem issues have really taken a turn for the worse since last September (the tail end of my pregnancy).
The funk comes and goes.
I exercise 5 to 6 days a week. I had been going to Bikram Yoga, but I just wasn't feeling the results I wanted (I was also experiencing LOTS of lower back pain) so I'm just hitting the treadmill or eliptical at the gym.
Sleep is definitely a great idea! I DO NOT get enough of that! I also hadn't thought of laying of the sauce, since I don't drink very much to begin with, but I'm sure the little bit I may have once a week or every other week doesn't help.
I go tomorrow for a placement test to get into school to study nursing and eventually (hopefully) get into midwifery! I am psyched and nervous about that.
I think I'll also make a gratitude list.
Thanks a bunch! :bigsmile: