How do you get rid of the smell of PETS??

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My cat had kittens and they will be going in a few days; but that still leaves me with a puppy, two birds, fish and two cats.... i feel like my house smells like animal sh#t... nobody has told me that it does... but any advice on how to get rid of the smell without getting rid of all the pets?


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seems to be the best. (I've tried many.) It also helps wih human pee-smell and is a general cleaner for carpets, etc. Good luck!

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Right before we had Maggie we got new carpet and kicked the dogs outside during the day. Our place reeked before. When we ripped up the carpet is was absolutly disgusting.
Good luck!!

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if you have carpet use a box of baking soda every time you vacuum. Sprinkle it down and let it sit for a bit, maybe an hour or so.

Use Dr. Bronner's liquid peppermint soap when mopping, wiping down walls, baseboards, etc.

daily maintanence is importat, clean out the litterbox daily, change bird paper daily, etc.

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Do you have carpet? The only thing that got rid of the dog smell in our house was to yank the carpeting. I thought I was doing really well with keeping "accidents" at bay until I pulled the stuff up, and HOLY toledo, it was just disgusting. If you have wood, or lino, plain old vinegar works the best, I've found. Sometimes I use Murphy's Oil Soap if the floors are really dirty, and that adds a really nice, fresh smell (so does Doc Bronner's peppermint).

We don't have cats anymore, but the main thing, I think, is just keeping the litterbox scrupulously clean. That scoopable cat litter seemed the stinkiest to me - I always liked the cheapest possible clay litter, unscented. That weird flowery smell just adds to the funk, I think.

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There is an air purifier that works incredibly. You can find them on ebay if you search "defender air purifier". This thing is amazing and in a few minutes in my cat-box/dirty diaper room it smells like nothing at all.

Don't get the ones that make ozone-we are not meant to breath ozone.