home made pasta

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so i got a pasta rolling machine for cheap at a garage sale. it's in perfect condition, looks like it was hardly used.

anyone make their own pasta, and if so, do you have any helpful tips for me? i was going to do some mushroom-stuffed ravioli tomorrow.


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Is it one of those stainless steel hand rolling kinds? Use more liquid than the recipe calls for. Wet dough is stretchy dough and stretchy dough won't fall apart in the rolling process. Also won't dry out before you're done making it. Sounds yummy!

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I have never made stuffed pasta before, just linguine & pappardelle. I have always used egg recipes and have had success with them. Hope it goes well!

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i second the extra water, but really, like, drip by drip. also, i would google alton brown and pasta making, cause he is a super food nerd that i love, cause he breaks it all down to science and chemistry, which is what i love most about cooking. kick ass find, by the way!

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So - my husband actually makes the dough (I think it is straight up eggs and semolina), so I can't say for sure on that end. But we make it several hours ahead of the rolling/churning out. We shuttered the pasta maker years ago after a miserable experience but recently pulled it out and have had awesome success. Homemade ravioli has been our favorite. Good luck!