High-Schooler is a high schooler!

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Today was her first day back after last year's skip fest and this year's refusing to attend. New school, new town. She came home seeming more interested in the classes than who is popular. She's lost a year, but is back on track to get her diploma.

As I write this, she's in the living room, plugged into an iPod and doing her homework. Real, live homework with books and a pen and a notebook, NO computer required for this school. On the way home today, she asked me to stop and buy her a planner so she can keep track of her assignments! She commented that she's going to go to the guidance department to see if they have any programs for Summer jobs. Yay, and double yay.


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That sounds awesome! I have missed your posts. I hope the new town is treating you well all around. I hope she gets a good summer job as well. :)