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Yesterday I learned that my step-dad was fired from his job 5 years ago for accessing child p*rn at work. I haven't spoken to him or my mom in a few years for other reasons and the information I'm getting is through relatives (why didn't they tell me at the time, when my children regularly spent time with him? I don't know) and online. I'm missing some details but the gist of it is that he denies he was looking for anything underage, that it was a fluke accident that he looked at several sites featuring underage boys. However there is some suggestion that he "evaded the question of if the underage boy sites were appealing".
He was fired from his job and started a private practice specializing in adolescent psychology. Looks as if in April 2011 the department of health filed charges of unprofessional conduct, but those charges are still pending. The attorney general who is handling it is someone I know.
I don't think my kids were m*lested.
I can't believe my mom didn't tell me this. Or my other relatives who found out about it. I am livid.
I could bring him down. Should he lose his professional license over this? Should my mom--who is also a psychologist who works primarily with kids--be disciplined for not saying anything?
Or should he be given the benefit of the doubt that it was a mistake?
I'm emotional--what's it look like to you?



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it's teens, i think. but this is a guy working with adolescents. he's in a 'pediatric' therapy group. google adolescent psych in my town and his is the first name that pops up. I'll try tomorrow to find out what's up with the investigation, why this takes so long. and i think i'm going to contact a woman i know--my kids' former principal--whose husband is the head of the psych practice group, and at least inform her. if they already know, that's one thing. if they don't, they should.
ps gold star wtf? this site has become confusing.

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I've added you to the private forums, if you want to use them. They're an extra option and bonus for long-time community members, and hopefully make the site less confusing? Anyway, it is great to see you back.

I agree that disclosure and reporting are imperative in the situation you are describing. I have a zero tolerance, pro-whistleblower policy when it comes to children and vulnerable teenagers. Good luck.

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Thanks for the support!
You nailed it with the narcissistic victim. I'm sure when I talk to my relatives they say he was the victim.