Happy Mother's Day to Us.

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This is a little bittersweet. Today is the last Mother's Day for me with a minor child living in my house. My first Mother's Day was in 1991, when I was newly pregnant with L-Dawg. I realize that, like "Dictator for Life", "Mom" is a title one never loses, and yet....next year my kids will come over for MD, I'm sure, but they won't be living with me. They might appreciate me more than they ever did when they were little and living under my roof, but it won't be the same. They will "get it right" (as L-Dawg did today), but there won't be the sticky, dirty, smelly, grubbiness of little kid love.
I see now why some people have babies when their first set of kids become teens. I didn't have that option, but I do see the appeal.
I'm standing on a precipice, teetering on the edge of "Mom, Emeritus". I don't know what the future holds, but I do know that my kids just walked in and I gotta go hang out with them...and they didn't get me flowers! Ha ha ha!