Happy freakin' new year

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For me the rush to finish all my homemade christmas gifts has not yet finished because we have yet to celebrate the three wisemen's day which is th 6th of January. Traditionally it's the day when Spanish kids get the most presents, but in my house the three wisemen only bring one gift each, and the real party for my son is christmas, when he gets to open all the presents that his american grandma sends (she has so much more expendable income than me, and the feeling she has something to prove). Anyway, I plan to photodump y'all with my creations some time in the near future if my janky computer allows- and that's a big if.
Anyway, I'm too drunk to sew, so I'm taking a break to blog y'all. That's right, I'm totally loaded for the first time in four years so if this blog is disperse and meandering you can thank Mr. Sandercraut (i almost typed sanderklaus) and his wild fermentation book. Because i'm imbibing homemade blackberry ethiopian honey wine that i made in September. Look at my drunkass vocabulary strutting its stuff.
What did i mean to blog to ya? Oh yeah, right.
Happy freakin' new year. I gotta tell you the news tonight had a review of the events of this year and it started with people screaming and a black screen, and then cut to a japanese toddler being scanned with a geiger counter. And the whole fucking thing just went downhill from there. They did splice in some impressive sports footage, but since i don't pray at that alter it didn't lift my spirits. Seems like the only good things that happened this year were in my personal life? But seriously, the whole feeling of impending doom in the eurozone and the end of social welfare... It feels like the end of the world as we know it- and i still have the urge to procreate again. SO WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME?
Speaking of procreation, we spent the whole of 2011 not doing jack to prevent pregnancy (other than sleeping with the baby on the bed, and just having a toddler to begin with) and didn't fertilize even one measly ovum. SO WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME?
But, in my personal life it has been a pretty good year. My new house is fanfuckin'tastic. We finally have our own hens and are planning to slaughter the fattest of our two roosters (he just came to maturity last month so he should still be tasty) next week. We have a fenced in yard where motorboy can run free range. We have all the space that we need, and a landlord who seems not to suck (tho i'm more than once bitten- more than twice shy on that one).
My new job is also rather awesome. I really enjoy the company of my bosses and co-workers, tho they have led me away from the straight and narrow and contributed greatly to my taking up smoking again, but i'm gonna quit tomorrow i swear. Anyway, they are funny fun people and i don't dread going to work so that's a big improvement from 2010. But it is a lot more work than i was doing last year.
As far as my new town, I have no clue whatsoever. I live out in the middle of fuck-nowhere, don't drive, and work evenings... so my social opportunities are nil. That combined with my proclivity to engage in solitary (or sometimes teamed with my husband) crafting has meant that in 5 months here i have met no-one and made zero friends or aquaintences apart from my coworkers and students. And I haven't even chatted much with y'all. So i am feeling a bit isolated and lonely.
But on the positive side, I have been relatively prolific in my craftiness, when considering how much time i devote to my work and my toddler. And the christmas presents that i've made so far were totally awesome (in my estimation) and well recieved.
I wanted to muse on some language points but i'm too drunk and seem to have forgotten them. This honey wine goes down smooth, like that bubbly pink italian wine that i can't remember the name of. I think i've drank at least a quart of it. I'll surely regret this tomorrow and a few days after. Anyway, I've found in the past that a massive hangover helps me quit smoking- so i'm doing the right thing.
Right so that's where i am. I have lurked a bit here, but i'm sorry i haven't kept in touch properly. I think i should hang around here more often as i am lacking in adult conversations that don't hinge upon student or toddler behaviours.
umm, happy freakin' new year again. Let's hope that 2012 isn't so freakin' apocolyptic as this 2011.