habeas corpus officially suspended indefinitely today.

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Since the people in my household are no longer Americans, they did not understand the context when I tried to talk to them about the subject. I reckon they are not alone; in fact, perhaps our elected politicians need some education on the point? Anyway, I feel the need to append some useful definitions:

Habeas corpus in the US wiki

Some UK historical notes from the BBC

'Lectric Law Library

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Um.. So.... Do you have a guest room we can crash in for a couple of years, maybe decades?

I mean, it still has another step in the process (I think?) what with the whole balance and distribution of power between the branches, but... This is dumb, D-U-M, dumb. I think they should make elected officials at all levels take and pass college level US Civics 101 classes before they are allowed to assume office.

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