*grrr* Keeping track of Blogs

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:-( I just joined this site and have been enjoying it thus far, but I haven't figured out how to track blogs/threads that others post- is there a way? I'm used to a messageboard format where when you post to a thread you can watch for any replies that are posted to it. I figured out how to see replies to my own, but I posted comments the day before yesterday to a couple other blogs and I'm wondering what else was posted to them. Does anyone know if there's been thoughts of changing the format to something easier to follow?


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Good question! We aren't going to switch to a discussion board format, but we are about to upgrade the site to include some new tools so people can track discussions & keep tabs on their favorite blogs. It is part of an overall upgrade, so it might take awhile, but some changes will be happening within the month... wish us well!

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Also new here, also frustrated with being unable to track comments/discussions without paging back in "view recent posts" and searching for my username. And don't want a discussion board format, either, so looking forward to the changes. Good luck with the upgrade!

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I really liked that feature, why do we not have it anymore??

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It would also be cool if blogs with most recently postings would bump to the top so they woule be easier to find...