grats today

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Things for which I am grateful today:
1. I live in an area where there is a Farmer's Market Year Round. Local produce, fresh, and mostly organic. I sometimes think of it as a hassle, going down to the Farmer's Market, and I am lucky enough to be able to think that way.
2. I live two blocks from a yoga studio. They have donation yoga three times a week, which I can access if I want to. I also have Yoga Punx, which involves driving (or BARTing) to The City, another donation class. There's also a yoga studio in Emeryville, a couple miles away from me, and spitting distance from Pixar, which has a daily $6 class, and I have a yoga mat and more than enough space on my bedroom floor to spread it out and do yoga on my own.
3. I have a viola, a violin, a 5-string viola, two guitars, a bass, a microphone, some amps, some pedals and many years of musical training, and a creative streak as well, to make music that I like.
4. I have houseplants that I've managed not to kill...some of them I've had for almost a decade. I guess I might have a green thumb.
5. I'm not an addict. This is important. I see a lot of addicts and addictive behavior around me. I have my moments of getting hung up on one thing or another, but I don't, like, lose myself in chemicals or sex or food or gambling. I think it makes my misery level a lot lower than it could be.
6. I've been in business for nearly nine years now. I didn't expect to have a career in housecleaning, but, I have great clients and it's work that I still enjoy doing. I have shitty days, for sure, as does everyone. My job doesn't define me, though. My music, my parenting, my inner world, those things define me. Somewhat.
7. There are times when I can relax and open my heart and feel kinda kid-like again.
8. I can do things, like sew and mend and knit, like cook, like fix a broken chair, like do my own taxes. I may not be able to fix my car, but I can diagnose a problem with it.
9. My thick hair. Not always so thrilled with the body-hair aspect of it, but the mane is pretty awesome.
10. My kids. BOTH of them. My relationship with L-dawg is getting better again.