got my hair highlighted silver

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in reality i have some gray hair. i decided to quit exposing myself to the toxic chemicals of hair dye that i've been using on and off - mostly on - for about 25 years. i started going gray in high school, and this is when i also started using hair dyes, the two being actually completely unrelated. my family is graced with fantastic grey hair in its older generations, so i looked forward to a nice white-silver sheen. i always said i would grow my hair long so i could have long hippy grey braids. always wanted to do that.

i'm not there yet. and i like to play around and have weird hair color, so i just kept at it even though i've always been nervous about what i was exposing my body to. it started to look even better as it grayed, because it would absorb the color differently, and created a weird metallic look in some of the hair, which looked neat.

but i decided not to do that anymore, along with switching to organic foods and natural shampoos and skin products, and i stuck with that decision. my hair is short, so once i stopped dying it, it took only like three haircuts to get all the dyed part off. i started by dying it a color closer to my natural color, which did not cover the gray, to ease the transition.

a week ago i finally had the last bit of the dye cut off.

two different people complimented me on it. one just said it looked cool and thought i did it on purpose.

the other said she liked my silver highlights and asked how i did that.


i was just like, oh i did it by being fabulous. see, when someone like me goes gray, you're like "wow." i'm just that cool. she said she really thought it was some trendy thing people are doing, there was the gray hair craze a while ago, and something about it being so evenly spread out, it looked intentional.

not saying she ain't stupid, just saying i found it bemusing to hear compliments on something other people go to lengths to hide. in my youth, i dyed and dyed, and now that i'm silvering, i stop. which was always the intention.

my short cut will be a silver bob before long. i will still wear heavy eye makeup. in fact, i am watching tutorials online to learn how to make the face even more extravagant.


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I'm trying to perfect the "old lady who can't see too well, and, as a result, wears WAAAY too much make-up" look.

"Mediocrity knows nothing higher than itself; but talent instantly recognizes genius"--Sir Arthur Conan Doyle