Get a hobby - easy, right?

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I'm looking for something to do for just me. I go to a Bikram Yoga class and I love/hate it, but it isn't always easy to make one of the 4 class times they have available every day.
I am in need of something to do that is just for me. To unwind. To bring me joy and peace!
What do you do? Where is your personal happy place?


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I posted under a different name about a year ago, but haven't been on in a long time. I'm a little different and so are my circumstances. That's why I decided to post under a much healthier name. haha?
I'm a single mama now and am so excited to be out from under the rain cloud. My ex and I are handling things well and aren't fighting or doing any of the discussions(many many many) in front of our son. Ro will be 3 in June. He's amazing. My ex is concerned that he's picking up on all of this. I certainly hope so, he's a very observant kid, and I hope he picks up on all the positivity that we're surrounding him and this new situation in. That's just me.
Ro's Dad is still in the house for the time being until he's done for the semester. That's a little stressful for me, but we're both trying to give space. Not much else can be done.
I hope all is well for everyone else!
Have a good one.

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I run, garden, and sew. These are very fulfilling hobbies for me ^_^

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I garden, write (fiction), read, cook, sew, knit,take pictures, walk. And I love all of them. And some of them I can do with my son around, others not. But all of them are things I care about or am interested in, or like or find useful somehow.
Gardening is nice because we end up with a ton of vegetables, I like being outside, it's nice to see the progress, there is always more work to do, it's physical and visual and a bit planny and thinky at times.

Writing I like, in a similar way to liking reading, only I get to make it up.

Reading. I love it. I read every day. Every.

Cook. I cook every day, and I only make a big deal out of dinner usually. Breakfast and lunch I don't consider cooking,and don't enjoy making as much (hmmmmmm) but dinner lets me cut things, think, have my own place to do something specific, and I get quick direct feedback. I used to not cook, now I do, I do it daily and I've become good at it.

Sew. I sew when I have to, but I enjoy the thinky-plannyness of it more than the actual sewing. I need more practice. I like imagining the flat fabric becoming something wearable for an actual specific body.

Knitting (and a little crochet) is great because I can do it while I do other things (watch dvds, talk) and it's useful and the result is great (with practice). I like the feel of something in my hands, I like the results. I like figuring out how to fix things, seeing how patterns work. Customizing.

Walking I like, I see new things every time, have some space to think, relax. I feel less crazy and more fabulous. I like new walks, and walking the same paths to see what they're like over time. I live in the country but I felt the same about the city.

Photographs. This is my main artistic pursuit. I fall in and out of love with it. I love to do it when I do it, but it's hard to get around to. I do it every day, at least minimally so I can fulfill my photo-a-day obligation.

What do you like? What do you love? What is interesting? Thats what you should do.

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I've begun to get into making dinners, not just slapping something fast and easy together. I'm not sure it's the hobby I'm looking for, but it does give me a sense of accomplishment (if it turns out well)and I enjoy how organized I can be while doing it. I feel like it may be the one place I am the MOST organized.
Thanks for your input!!!