*gasp* might I prefer being single?

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I had a date on Saturday night. He's someone I've met before, and the last time I saw him, we had an interesting conversation about Cali politics, and then we ran into each other at a metal show, and he invited me out for a snack at an all night diner....and proceeded to talk my ear off about his hobby...zzzz....
3 different times I tried to steer the conversation toward, uh, well, mySELF, and three times he talked over me and opined about whatever..zzz...hobby...zzz..., and then he wanted to make out before he dropped me at my house. You know, I'm sure that he didn't even realize what a boor he was being.
Does any man realize what a boor he is?
Do I have to shout, "I having a fucking genius IQ!!!! If you let me finish a fucking sentence, you might find that I have something interesting to say!" to get men to shut the fuck up and let me talk? Jesus H. Christ! Women so rarely do this, and even if they do talk-over, they know it's a no-no, and you just have to point it out to them and they stop.

At this point in my life, I have too much going on to get passionate about whatever some guy is doing, unless it is something that I do as well. And, even then, he has to show some interest in what *I* do. I'm nobody's groupie.

I was doing a cleaning estimate today for a household where there's a grandma, a mom and kid all living together (people I know). G'ma was a young, single mom when she was raising the now mom, and the fam is close. I was picking her brain about what it's like to live with your adult kid (even though T-Dizzle is 6 months from graduation, I don't know if I will ever have my house to myself. Can't count on anything), and then we talked a bit about dating, and then she told me that she thinks she might be single the rest of her life. Even if she finds someone she loves, she doubts that she will ever live with a man, as they are all, in her words, "babies" (she's dating men in their mid fucking 50's. There's just no goddamned hope!) And she's hot, she's smart and interesting and amazing. And she's got all these interesting, amazing people in her life.

So, as I cook my very first rabbit stew and prepare to rot my brain watching TV with my kid, and I trade hilarious texts with my female friends, and blog with you ladies, I wonder if I just might prefer being single. I do spend a LOT more time out of relationships than in them.....