Gas stoves and humidifiers. Question for you mamas!

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OK mamas, I need your help. I've got two safety concerns and I can't seem to figure out the right questions to ask google so I'm asking here.

First: I have a new, electric lighting gas stove. I've noticed that often, when I walk by it I'll get a whiff of gas. I'm not talking about while it's on or recently been used. I smell this when It's been sitting awhile. And it's not all the time or even much, in fact I'll walk by, smeel it, turn around and I can't find the smell again. I remember this also happening with my antique stove (that was so old it didn't even have a pilot light) and a friend of mine recently told me it was "normal" but I'm not so sure. Then again I'd rather avoid the 8 firemen in my living room experience I had recently so if it is normal I'm ok with that.

Also, I have a VI*KS cool air humidifier and I've noticed that the mirror in my daughter's room (which is next to her humidifier) gets coated with a white dust after a very short time. I've found it also collecting across the room on her little cardboard house her papa made her. I also notice there is a white residue on the humidifier itself which leads me to believe it's from our water (which is hard and leaves calcium deposits). My question is, is the fine mist of calcium being released into the air potentially dangerous to my 2 year old?


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No idea about the humidifier, but have experienced the gas stove thing before. Usually if you really pay attention you can tell the difference between the "sitting" gas smell and the "gas is being released" smell. Still to be safe you should make sure the burners and stove are ALL THE WAY OFF when this happens and call the gas company to see if they'll come check for free.

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they'll come out for free. i never f*ck around when it comes to the gas. too risky.

not sure about the humidifier. curious, thoug.