A funny thing happened on the way out of the bank

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I did take some of my money out of my bank today, but I was a little unfocused about where to go put it, and I have to be home for the fridge repair guy, and I went with T to pay her M*tro PCS phone bill, and to ask what it will take for me to switch from the Spr*nt bill Nazis to M*tro (Tuesday!!!!), and then.....we walked by the yarn store....Blammo! Some cash into the local economy! (and out of my pocket) But it's all okay because I ran into a former client, a few steps away from the yarn store, who wants me to come back and clean. Well, off to do some knitting.


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I have three accounts: one in the UK, and one in each of the places I normally live when not in the UK. Mostly because I don't do electronic banking, write checks, or use credit cards.

This is a recent development. I was off the grid for six years, aka the six most annoying years of my life. Opting out of the global economic system entirely is very difficult and not really worth the hassle.

Everything is much easier now that I have a checking account and utility bills. Oh look, I exist again! I don't have to carry my passport around with me to prove that I am real....

The extent to which our identity is entwined with our credit rating is completely bizarre and totally unacceptable.