fun fun Friday

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1. sleeping in

2. then napping snuggled with my Love

3. running errands, successfully - all items on list found & procured - even parsnips & persimmons, metronomes & knives

4. how much I enjoy spending time with the wonderful Man in my Life

5. good food - healthy food --- dinner was 1. a stalk of broccoli, slices of red, yellow & orange bell pepper, steamed 2. a turnip & rutabaga & handful fo carrots & broccoli flowers mashed with garlic 3. a chicken sausage each. Today's dinner involved the leftover mashed veggies, toast w/three berry jam for me & half an avocado each.

6. warm, cozy house with a couch or a bed to curl up on while i knit

7. eggnog -- hey what do you know? I like eggnog with rum, yes I do

8. i will be very grateful that even though I didn't end up babysitting tonight it meant I got to stay home & spend more time with my Beloved

9. nice warm clothes & cozy sweaters & weather so I can warm them & reasons to NOT be in my pjs everyday

10. I am particularly grateful for one errand this morning