full metal yoga

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It's really hard to find a yoga mat bag that is black and doesn't have a bunch of airy-fairy Enya-inspired decorations on it. So, I'm going to make one. I bought a crappy, cheapo one on the interwebs, so I can dismantle it and make a pattern. I'm also going to ask some of my yoga punx peeps to let me take a gander at their bags to see what kinds of bells and whistles are on the nicer ones. And then I'm going to make one, or two, in black canvas, and I'm going to sew nice metal/punk patches on them and maybe put some spikes on as well.


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Oh, I forgot to say that yesterday, when setting my intention for the class, I decided to think about working less and making more money. Throughout the class, I kept getting the message in my head and in my body, "work less". Like, you doin' too much, grrrl. Just lay off and don't try so fucking hard. Which, of course, yields much better results in yoga. Now, to apply it to life. hmmmm....

"Mediocrity knows nothing higher than itself; but talent instantly recognizes genius"--Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

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It's gonna be great- we're all gonna love 'em!
ps. i demand a photo dump when they're done.