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Tue, 09/13/2011 - 03:45 -- Bee

If you only know me through my work you might not guess that I have a relentless driving urge toward frivolity. What, me, serious? No way mate. I'm an utterly reckless hedonist.

Highly politicised, yes, but honestly, if you don't get the joke I don't want to talk to you.

This poses many problems, because the rest of the world tends toward the dour, and because most people can't tolerate my hectic chatter. It is difficult to find bosom companions. Throw in the complexity of family life, and the word is "impossible." My children are eccentric; as a collective unit we present many difficulties.

If it were easy to find parents who respect my perspective, I would not have started this web site. If it had been feasible to locate parents I like with children who get along with my offspring, I would never have moved. I would still be in Olympia, or Portland, or Seattle, or Cambridge, or . . . you get the idea.

But that, alas, is an almost mythical quest. The alchemy that happens when parents, kids, and miscellaneous entourage get along is fantastic, precious, and rare. The few I have found always live somewhere else.

Last week I was lucky enough to host one of the families that falls into that category. Sara K from the Chicken House is in Berlin for the summer and she came through London with her daughter, to the extreme delight of all. We dashed hither and yon, laughing.

It is really good to have friends.


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True. Though I fly to the states more often than I have ever driven across to your part of the city! Large portions of the NW are closed to me because they involve driving over 35mph. Or on bridges. Don't like the bridges.

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During the moments pictured I often wonder how I made it here, but when I really consider the question and consult friends for verification the answer seems to be: I imagined this life. There is no other practical explanation.

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These pictures are so lovely. And got me thinking about friends. I was lost when I first had my baby. I tried really hard to find friends with kids but mostly couldn't.

Now, I have a few friends where our children get along and we get along and I am grateful. It took a while, and I didn't realize it would be so hard! My politics and philosophy are so much in the forefront of everything that comes out of my mouth and what I do, I am a freak almost everywhere. I do not embrace the typical white, middle-class, liberal mentality that permeates this town.

There is that one special friend though. She is a one child mama like me. Our kids get along great, there is a real sisterhood going on between them. They have known each other since they were a babe and a tot. We, the moms, get to have those conversations that make most people leave (we are social critics). We have a history that stated with a mutual friend who died, and then we took on the administration of our college together. She is in Tucson getting her PHd right now. It is sad to have each other so far away, but when we do all see each other, a couple or few times a year, it is magic. I am pining for the day she comes back to the bay area. Everything is amplified 100 times when in great company!