Friday Fun Day

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1. waking up here

2. morning cuddles with both Mr Right & my Little Sonshine

3. warm tea & pop tarts for breaking the fast

4. all the gear is packed for this afternoon!

5. (okay don't get all crazy about this, but) teaching Little Dude to tie his brand new cool shoes *

6. grateful to not be the only adult organizing, packing & getting everything ready for a campingtrip

7. for a weekend away from most everything -- I have become obsessed with OWS & Occuppy san Diego & I need to be outside, under some trees, breathing some chil mountain air and watching a camp fire

8. having a fully charged camera battery & empty card to fill this weekend

9. being in love in a new & wonderful way

10. soo grateful to the Universe for this man & how he truly loves me for just being me