Friday Fun

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1. Little Dude's teacher is submitting his paperwork for promotion to the 4th grade - I appreciate all his hard work to get this far ; ) & all the time we've had doing home schooling

2. I am thankful my daughter picked up breakfast for today yesterday -- I love those blueberry muffins from the her work's bakery &Little Dude enjoys his fresh bagels

3. I am grateful for piles of blankets & not having to get up and out in this cold almost Winter morning weather here at the beach bbbrrr I tells ya

4. I appreciate a whole suitcase of cozy sweaters at my fingertips

5. I am thankful for my friends who are taking my dogs tomorrow until we can have them back in our own place next year

6. so grateful for these long breaks of Little Dude at his father's - so helpful in times like these when having him underfoot wouldn't be productive

7. so appreciative that soon to be new roomie mama is wiling to drive a moving van if i rent it so we can haul everything in ONE TRIP

8. Thankful, thankful, thankful I have a job!!!!

9. muchly grateful for all the Love we are surrounded by ALL THE TIME

10. I am glad I didn't get emotionally sucked down by the anniversary of my mother's death this week