Friday - finally!

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1. grateful for daughter helping to do more packing so we can maybe leave dogs inside on Saturday

2. grateful for home school - & that we are this close <--> to the end of 3rd grade curriculum

3. grateful for Mr Right making weekend plans for us - even if I might not be able to spend the time with him : (

4. grateful for not having to get dressed every day - this chaos is somehow easier in my pjs

5. grateful the kitchen is about 80% packed, the living room is at about 75% & i am about 50% done packing my own clothes

6. grateful daughter has Sunday off to repack the outside boxes into nice new sturdy boxes

7. grateful for daughter getting another "promotion" at work with possible pay raise when she works in new departments she is getting trained in next week -- CASHIER!!! in just 5 months ; )

8. grateful for a smart little boy who can handle doing more than one lesson a day in each subject -- we just covered the majority of the beginnings of the 13 colonies yesterday & today

9. grateful for the ability to re-evaluate - I am thinking he will do the 4th grade material from January thru May, but maybe come the Fall of the next school year he can still be a 4th grader & be very comfortable with the material while focusing on getting reintegrated into socialization as a 9 year old boy -- damn difficult time (as if there are easy times for little boys!)

10. so grateful for Love & the Caring Supportive Universe providing for me & mine : ) especially when it is needed most