food & friendly people

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Wed, 02/23/2011 - 21:00 -- Bee

The entire staff of the local posh food store greets me by name (first and last) although I have been there merely half a dozen times.

I suspect they are being "friendly." I find the experience "alarming."

This is partly cultural: customer service in England is sparse, to say the least, and in Cambridge you could describe shop clerks as antagonistic. The folks at Bacchanalia and the farm store were the only amiable people I encountered on a daily basis, but they certainly never knew my name. Or at least, they didn't use it.

I assumed that London would be worse; it is, after all, an enormous cosmopolitan city, easy to get lost in, easy to be ignored.

Imagine my surprise to find that Shoreditch functions as a sociable little village. The people who sell me coffee, flowers, groceries, pizza, and gluten free brownies are all affable, accommodating, interested.

This will require some adjustments to the data centres.