Fire destroys New Model Army's studio

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bulletin from their web site:
27.12.11 On Christmas Eve a fire started in the furniture outlet next door to The Mill in Bradford and directly below where we have our studio, rehearsal and storage facility. At one point one of the ten fire crews involved were fighting the blaze from inside our studio. They were eventually able to put out the fire but not before extensive damage to our room, including a roof collapse. After two days of waiting we were finally allowed in yesterday evening to survey the wreckage. Some of our ‘touring equipment' was still in heavy duty flight cases and looks as if it may be saveable - although no musical instrument like being immersed in water for two days - but all the studio equipment, tour merchandise and rare instruments lovingly collected over thirty years have been destroyed. However, and most importantly, nobody was hurt in the fire.

We hope that claiming on our insurance will be relatively straightforward but of course we don't know yet. We thank every body for their many messages of support and we'll keep you posted as to developments.