February the Second

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1. egg white, kale & cheese scramble for breakfast - we're doing a 21 day Greens for Breakfast Challenge

2. when my son laughs, really truly laughs - it's a helluva sound

3. home school means if Mommy didn't go to sleep until after 3 am and then slept in until 10 am it is all ok

4. we have been getting dressed everyday instead of staying in our pjs

5. i am going to make homemade pizza for dinner tonight

6. the winds mean we can hear wind chimes, even if they are not ours - which I have hanging in my bedroom from my ceiling fan

7. having unpacked 3 boxes yesterday & going to unpack more today

8. nice, quiet days with my son in a house where we can move about freely and use the kitchen and living room and everything instead of staying in our teeny bedroom

9. Love never ends, it just shifts

10. writing