February 3rd

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1. i will be thankful for the email from someone in re a job - back in SD -- sigh

2. i will be grateful for the ability to sleep in after an insomnia filled night in which i was chatting with some clown until 3 am (literally, the guy IS a performance clown)

3. I am grateful for just enough leftover pizza dough that we know what is for lunch today ; )

4. i am thankful my uncle bought us a bag of spinach

5. i am thinking i will offer to keep the Little Dude until after the weekend so his dad can rest & watch the game on Sunday -- it's just a thought

6. i am grateful for all the damned tea i want to drink -- even if i do wish i had more

7. i appreciate listening to my sweet son watch Dumbo - he is too cute

8. i am so grateful for the chance to be with my son almost every day as he is growing out of little boyhood to bigger boyhood sniff sniff sigh

9. there are so many options for Love

10. that i am typing this in my pjs in my bed and am going to put my head back down for a while