early Thanks Giving Post

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since I am leaving this afternoon for a few days I want to post a special list of things I am Grateful For

1. I am so grateful & appreciative of the deep and wonderful love which the Universe has gifted me with in the form of Mr Right

2. I am sooo appreciative of the last 21 years of motherhood and the amazing, frustrating, wonderful souls I have been blessed with as children

3. I am ETERNALLY grateful & appreciative of the divine, awesome, completely wonderful community of Mama friends, "old" & "new", I have been soo very happy to be part of and continue to be part of

4. I am appreciative of my other friends - they are few, but true

5. I am grateful for my abilities -- writing, editing, photography, knitting etc with which I express mys elf as often as I do and my plan to do so even more everyday

6. I am grateful for my health

7. I am thankful for the incredible technology which makes so much of everything possible

8. I am thankful for my patience which I intend to work on making even better

9. I am thankful for the sword of truth

10. I am thankful for possibilities & impossibilities