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I cannot believe that my baby is 11 years old today. I was 16 when I got pregnant with him. 16! And now he is already 11... To me this is just incredible. I can remember his birth like it was yestarday, how soft he felt, how absolutely in love I felt with him when I first touched him. I never knew what love was until that moment and suddenly he is a huge eleven year old little man!(or should I say a pain in the butt!) When I say huge I mean 5'2" and 115 pounds! He grew 107 pounds in 11 years, it's amazing! He is starting to find me a tad bit embarrassing... which I supose I can understand, it may be the onset of puberty. Even after giving birth three more times I still can't believe that he came from my body and is now eleven years old. It is truly a miracle what us mamas can do with our bodies.


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Happy birthday DS. I know what you mean though DD is only almost 2, but i too look at her and go wow i actually did that????
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time passing so amazingly.
that just made me think! I could have an 11 year old, how strange that would be (we're the same age, I guess 27? right).
Way to go.