Do you like weird hair?

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And this is what it looked like the week before, when I first did it
I think the world tend to be harsh on women who, say, dye their hair purple. I was looking for pictures of streaked hair to get ideas on how I want to do mine, and I see them (media/blogs) smashing gorgeous actresses for a bad hair day or different dress.

All my hesitation boils down to this. I am (almost every night) trying to decide what I will do to fix what, after all this time, I'll admit has become a disaster. My hair's healthy enough. The bleached part is as bad as it's gonna get, and it's decent, but I have like, 10 inches of black root (I'm not posting pictures of that), which I had highlighted two inches's insane. I like my hair freaky, but I'm hiding my hair because I know it looks so weird. This hat does an awesome job of covering the stark difference in color.

The problem is, I'm paralyzed about what to do. I will not dye it black. Black is forever, baby, and that's just too boring for me anymore. I'd like my hair several shades lighter, if not funky mixed colors too.

The problem is, I cannot afford to pay for what I want done. I don't want to actually screw up my hair, which is why I guess I've waited so long. My hair was *fried*, but still soft and shiny. Heres what it looked like before the purple. So I have to do something now, so I'm gonna stay up tonight til I grow some balls and put a few streaks in it.

I don't mind if it ends up funky, 'cause then I can just layer it with colors. Really, deep down, I know I'm just being superficial with all this stuff, because senior year, a few months before graduation, I chopped my hip-length hair into an A-line bob. I loved it, mostly, and lived to tell the tale.

Oh, here's what it looks like today.


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Oh yeah, that last picture... you'd pay a pretty penny for that look. But it'd be beautiful, wouldn't it? I dunno, can't you bleach it and get a couple boxes of different colors and dye it yourself chunk by chunk?
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you totally could do that, just have a good friend help. I once did (well my friend lol) a rather complex rainbow on my head, from all the different dyes I had left over and it came out fabulous.

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i've had my hair the colors in that last pic totally awesome!!! takes time but you can do it mama post picas when you're done.

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Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind~~Dr.Seuss

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look like dreadlocks, do you want them? if so I think you should totally go for it ^_^

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and see if there is a hair academy near you - a beauty school. You might have to pay a fee, but it would be WAY less than an actual already licensed hairdresser...