Did you have a doula?

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I have two questions: Did you have a doula during childbirth and was there one thing that stuck out that she did to relax you and comfort you?

I am a doula and I am preparing for a birth so I just thought I would ask.. I never had a doula for any of my births, I guess I was my own doula :) I don't know why I feel so nervous I have done this plenty it seem that once birth begins I know exactly what to do, but before that I start to feel nervous and like I am forgetting something. Maybe it's cold feet.. Any feedback would be great! Thanks


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I just finished the doula training thru DONA, and have my first client due in two weeks (yikes!), so I would love to know what other women experienced with their doulas.

As for me, I did have a doula at my daughter's birth, and the greatest thing she did (among other things, like putting lavender flowers in the tub and hanging out with me so my hubby could take a nap) was at that moment when I said "I CAN'T DO THIS!", she said, in a really calm, confident voice, "You ARE doing it"

That has stuck with me more than anything else. My midwife had this great presence, and all she did was sit near me and look me in the eye with this totally present, calm, confident look. That was awesome. I guess that's what I remember most about both of them, how utterly present, calm and confident they were.

"before you learn to fly, learn how to fall" -paul simon

"before you learn to fly, learn how to fall" -paul simon

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Good luck! You'll be great. Just dont yell "PUSH IN YOUR BOTTOM". This is what my nurse kept yelling at me over and over. At one point in the midst of labor I stopped, composed myself and said "what the hell do you mean?" I was doing just fine on my own!

That was a side bar I guess. No, I didnt have a doula but I am sure it will go well. Just keep the ice chips coming and say "you are doing great" and "when it hurts this bad that means you are almost done"

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