definitely counting down the days

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went to a "sneak peek" at SFSU with T-Dizzle today. Campus tour, tour of the Theater Arts dept, presentation on studying abroad, etc. Ate some crappy, expensive food, listened to other people's bad, loud music on public transit. Felt like kid was hiding behind me all day, and also being very judgmental about everything that I did (like ask questions about costume design classes while we were getting a tour of the costume design shop. sheesh, mom, why do you have to ask so many questions?)
There will also be an orientation in early June. I'm guessing that it's going to be the same kind of crap. And she's already signed the both of us up for it. Oh, joy.
My mom never attended any of these events with me, when I was going to college. My dad, either. Which is interesting in that they both worked in education--my mother worked as a registrar for a college that offered classes across the country, like U. of Phoenix, so she knew how complex matriculation can be. So, I guess I just need to get over myself and how simultaneously boring and stressful this experience IS, and frame it in a "I'm a much better parent than my parents were!" context. Yes, I smugly, expertly parented my kid all day today. Give me a chocolate bar now, please.
Also, please continue to cross fingers that the kid gets housing, because if I have to get her ass up every morning to get her on the BART to go to college, Imma hafta slap somebody.
PS I'm very proud of her.