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No, wait, wrong holiday!

I wish everybody a wonderful Thanksgiving with peaceful celebration (or no celebration if you're really lucky).

Going into the kitchen now to make miniature cheesecakes, a tofurkey, a Quorn roast, mushroom gravy and finish up the pineapple poke cake, chocolate layer cake, spinach & feta stuffed mushrooms, and green bean casserole that I started last night. We'll head to our friends home at 3pm.

Tell us what you made, every dish, whether it was a turkey you shot yourself or just one hasty salad made by pouring bottled dressing onto bagged veggies.


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We're having homemade potstickers, satay, grilled veggies (asparagus and portobello mushrooms), and fresh fruit on a skewer. A chef whose blog I read once remarked that food has so much more fun on a stick; it's like humans on a boat. And the family will demolish fruit kebabs, whereas if fruit's just hanging out in the fridge they're like, meh.

Plus I can use them to stir my Zombie. Handy. :bigsmile:

Also, I feel happy that I planned the rest of the weekend's meals too. The post-holiday shopping crowds are not my bag. I can't even bring myself to buy groceries, and even though I usually hit costco for diapers I was loathe to do it this particular weekend.

Stay safe and sane this weekend, Mamas. Hugs to you and your loved ones.

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But I baked a carrot cake with maple cream cheese frosting. I did a test run a few weeks ago and brought the result to work and everybody loved it, said it was one of the best carrot cakes they'd ever had. It was enough of a confidence boost that I decided to bring it to dinner at my mom's today, which is a big step for me because usually my family tends to make fun of me for my attempts at baking or cooking. Not because they're assholes, but because what I usually make is admittedly shitty. It feels good to have made something yummy that I'm proud of.
Oh, and DD baked an apple pie with her aunt yesterday so we brought that over too. Both of us have fabulous contributions to today's feast, imagine that?!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Glamorous! I hope your festivities aren't as draining as you expect them to be...I think it's cool that you indulge your friends by celebrating with them even though it's far from being your "thing". Sounds like they really enjoy spending time with you, and I can see why.

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I hear you on the refusal to be out in public during the "holiday" madness. I find it hard to be anywhere besides at home from the day after thanksgiving until the day after christmas. It's horrible. Traffic, crowds of grumpy gift-thirsty people, store employees up my ass asking if I've "found everything I need" (and the answer is usually no-- "what aisle is the cyanide in?"). I love the Christmas season-- I like christmas music, decorations, food, the whole nine. But the shopping part of it, and how a simple trip to the effing grocery store becomes torturous? No fucking thankyou.

I declared recently that Black Friday is the one day of the year devoted *solely* to capitalism ejaculating all over our eager faces, and I stand by it. An icky visual for an icky tradition.

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that's what all these posts have me doing.

So for all the hipmamas not living in the US, and not getting Thanksgiving (although maybe I can appropriate into some relevant form, here?)...wanna share your favourite recipes??


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sounds divine.

For the first time in 40 years my two divorced parent's NY households JOINED for Thanksgiving this year, in a spirit of generosity for my son who recently lost his in-town paternal grandma. I think a karmic knot was untied! We went to a colonial restaurant at a historic site in the Hudson Valley. So my mom and I cooked nothing! Which actually I missed in some ways, the restaurant was not nearly as good as our gourmet spread. But an important healing happened.

I did however t he night before make a divine dinner in honor of my mother (she had me late!) and her 84 year old best friend. They can no longer stand to cook elaborate meals, but are both foodies. I made lamb chops (a rarity for me, in honor of their tastes) finished in a brandy glaze and shitakes, crispy roasted black kale, braised leeks, and spicy yams, with a lovely Pinot Noir. YUMMMMM!

Love and to all and thanks for being Hip Mamas all.


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with my in-laws, traditional thanksgiving meal. We had a great time! :)

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