Day 7

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1. friends, all over, all types, all supportive & caring

2. sleeping in and plans for a nap -- like now

3. the iPad so Little dude can watch videos since we don't have cable or a TV

4. the iPad so he can work on his novel in bed while i rest

5. Netflix so we could watch a movie last night & prolly one today too

6. plans to go to Sufi dances tonight w/Little Dude, too - I could use some meditation & "Good Things"

7. knowing how cheap & easy the move away is going to be so I can relax about our finances

8. how much the Universe is trying to get the message of "change" home to me

9. Love, Love, Love is all you need

10. did I mention the 1st book we downloaded was "The Yellow Submarine"? & we keep watching it & the movie on our iPad, too