Day 6

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1. i will be very grateful that w/o any responsibilities we can just keep sleeping in

2. I will be appreciative that there is no one home during the days

3. I am thankful for my buddies in the band letting my son have such a great time last night

4. I appreciate everyone trying to cheer me up, keep me motivated, etc it is really very caring & Sweet

5. I am grateful for the friend who keeps suggesting silly things to make me smile in hopes he can get me moving

6. i am thankful for the fruit & yogurt & Cheerios we bought so breakfast can be handled by the kid while I am curled up in bed percolating

7. I am appreciative of the darkness of this room on days like this

8. I am very very grateful I have options with family regardless

9. I appreciate that Love is a very funny piece of work

10. I am thankful for bottled water