Day 19

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1. more hot tea & cocoa for the Boy

2. sleeping in still feels ok & good & necessary -- one day it won't & we will get back on a schedule

3. the flexibility of home school is going to at least be one less stress on me today & tomorrow during this hellacious next move

4. spending last night playing LEGO games with my kid was good for us both

5. i am really truly soo grateful I didn't unpack but a handful of boxes and that repacking and shuffling around is my priority during the day time hours today

6. i am thankful my aunt has a washer & dryer cuz we are gonna be doing laundry on Monday w/o needing quarters or walking outside

7. so appreciative that i don't need to deal with setting up of utilities or cable or internet with this move, just one less hassle & i so need any less hassles i can get in my life right now

8. Pandora keeps introducing me to some new to me songs & artists & that has been very cool

9. knowing i am loved is a bit of a consolation for everything else

10. today is another day...