Day 15

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1. i am glad i got myself up and stayed committed to giving Little Dude a huge day out for his birthday (it's on Tuesday)

2. uber grateful for the eldest daughter buying movie tickets, and lunch & bring him a HUGE kick ass cupcake cake decorated like a dragon

3. so thankful for her 2 friends who joined us later in the day

4. so appreciative of the random guy who gave us a handful of tickets at the arcade & the redemption counter dude who gave the Birthday Boy extra prizes

5. so thankful for the fun of hanging with my daughter & her best girlfriends since high school who are all old enough to have a drink with me tonight

6. appreciative of daughter & her friend giving Little Dude & I bday gifts

7. SOO thankful for the one who drove us home

8. EVEN more appreciative that she is going to help me out with the driving situation on Friday

9. feeling so much Love form these kids today was what i needed

10. not going broke having a huge day out downtown