Day 14

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1. i will be thankful for Mr Nice Guy helping pick up the moving truck & helping me load it up Thursday night

2. i will be grateful for the discounts the moving truck lady gave me since there are only 2 bucket seats

3. i will be appreciative of the solo train trip i will take to who knows where on Friday ...since I can't fit in the moving truck with my aunt & little dude

4. i will be grateful my aunt is driving the moving truck on Friday, (instead of the pre-agreed upon Saturday) even though that puts some kinks in the moving plans

5. i will be thankful that my Wonderful Friend wants to see me before i go even if that can't happen

6. i will be appreciative of hot green tea to help my sire throat

7. i will be grateful for whatever happens with getting my boxes from the Mr's garage, or not - since I had asked him for access on Saturday & now had to change that on him to Friday

8. i will be something for being in the Red Tent

9. i will be thankful for those I Love, who Love me, who I have Loved, who Have Loved me

10. i AM grateful for my sweet son