day 13

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1. being alone last night = feeling free to cry again, need to keep getting it out when i can

2. 5 am drop off = kid still asleep, and i could be too since i have a killer ass headache, so i may crawl back in next to warm, cozy Boy-o mine

3. finalizing plans - as painful as it is, at least it is getting done

4. that school reimbursement check finally made it to me = not broek after the moving van!

5. on the upside, I have lost 10 pounds since Christmas - go Kale!

6. my hair is clean and tangle free

7. i am sick - horrid sore throat, killer painful cough & I can JUST stay in bed and be sick for once - I do NOT have to make myself do anything & I can still home teach yeah

8. being turned down for more jobs is actually something i am grateful for - no more false hope

9. the thing about losing Love is how it makes you acutely aware of how real it was

10. that i do keep moving forward every day, somehow, some tiny bit...eventually this too MUST pass, no?