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Sun, 10/05/2003 - 19:52 -- James

i went to a big firworks show a couple hours out into the countryside. it was beautiful and spectacular. and i drank a lot of beer. grilled riverfish. made oden. as we were all walking back to the train station i ducked behind some trees to pee and stepped right into an irrigation ditch. at first i was like, "damn, now my boots are going to be wet all the way home." but then i realized the water went up to nipples. realizing this, i promptly hauled myself out and tried to act like nothing happened.


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yes of course i was dripping. i was soaked. if i stood in one place too long a puddle would form beneath me. so my friends tried to dry me off with paper towels, while i kept saying i was just fine. and that we should just go now.

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Last year I went skidding face first down a hill at Kubota gardens and all of my friends clustered around patting me and I kept saying I"m fine! Just fine! even though my legs and hands were bloodied and I had rocks stuck in my wounds.

You and me, pal, we are a pair.