confused about the banking crisis? watch this teach-in about BoA.

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one of my favorite bloggers on the topic, matt taibbi conducted a teach-in about Bank of America at Occupy Wall Street. it's just over 20 minutes and you get a good overview of what happened in plain, real language.

but also check out his column at rolling stone and go through the history because he's been writing about this for years, also in plain, real language. it's less complicated than you probably think. we're led to believe that banking and economics are far too complex for our simple brains to comprehend, like elections, and that way we have our elections and our money stolen and we think... well i guess it's not like it seems. cuz... it seems like the other guy won, but what do i know?


here is the teach in:

and here is the blog for you to bookmark, and come back to whenever you have down time: