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I have been getting up early every morning to check my online class. It's the only time that my house is quiet and I can actually sit and think. I am taking one course now, one over the summer and four in the fall. So I will officially be a full-time college student and Mama of four. For some reason I feel like because I am taking online classes, I'm not a "real" student. Maybe that will change in the fall when I have more assignments etc.,
Any other college Mamas out there? If you have taken online classes do you know what I mean, or am I just being too hard on myself? And any advice for me as a college student and a Mama?
I am excited because I have been waiting for so long to do something for myself, and I thought that college would be so hard for me, since I haven't been in school in 12 years.... but I actually have all A's so far! I guess I am smart afterall...My baby is two now, and my four-year old will be going to kindergarten in the fall. :( :( :( I almost didn't send him, but he is ready. He is socially ready and advance mentally; academically he is already doing addition! I will have more time to focus on classes with just my "baby" at home. I don't know what I will do when she goes to school.


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take advantage of it! So much depends on how the college is, but for me it was great...rec center, library, all sorts of cool art stuff to do with the kids, a great campus preschool at super discounted rates, financial aid and mama scholarships. yeah. Great opportunity for adult socialization, too...though I was frequently frusterated with the know-it-all just out of high school 'feminists' who actually discounted my wisdom because I was a mama...but i digress...have fun!

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and having a kid. I'm actually doing WAY better academically. I had never gotten As before and now that's pretty much all I get :)
I've found that dd (who is 2) gets jealous if I try to do school work @ home and it is best to leave the house. But i've made friends @ coffee shops that way, which is a double treat. It was a great feeling, I'd been out of school for only 3 years, but now I just have one year to go and I'm kickin' butt.
good luck mama, it's never easy, but you will feel so good about it.

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