cloth-menstrual-pad-making mamas?

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Years ago, I bought a cloth menstrual pad kit from a hipmama whose biz name was Claire de Lune. I looooove these pads - soft cotton flannel comfort and ease, and I'd like to get a set as a baby shower mama-gift 'cuz I think the softness would be so much more pleasant post-partum than the disposable alternatives. However, when I found Claire de Lune online, the sites hadn't been updated in a couple years, and the products I clicked on all said "On hold". Is Claire de Lune still around HM? Are there other mamas with similar pads to sell? I checked Earthy Style, but didn't see any pads. Any recommendations to alternatives welcome!


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great to see you here again :)
thanks for checking me out, I do make pads, but mine are too janky to sell I think:

I have to work on the design, improve the sewing, add wings and snaps in order to sell them. for now I just make them for me! :)

I haven't seen Clair de lune around on the boards, but then again I am not on here much. here are some other sellers on etsy who sell cloth pads:
menstrual cloth pads

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i let a friend of hers on FB know that you were looking for her...they are the best pads ever!

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Those are some great pads and I need some more myself. Will you let her know I'm looking for her as well? I only have 2 from her! I'll check back soon. :) Thanks!

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