cleaning cow skulls

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Sat, 03/25/2006 - 19:19 -- bergie

My husband and I own a rendering business and have come across several cow and buffalo skulls. We skin the dead animals for their hides and have alot of skulls. How do you get the meat and hide off the skulls the easiest and fastest way!! At this point I have approximately 35 per week and I am losing ground until I find a fast way to cure the skulls for resale. Please help me!!



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have you tried google? Go to google and put in 'rendering cow skulls' or whatever, I bet you'll get the qucikest and easiest way from there:

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I think professionals usually use some sort of insect or microbe (flesh eating bacteria!) that will eat bone clean. I agree, google it. I think boiling will ruin them and make them very breakable, but I could be wrong.

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What tickles me about this is that this is the second request for cleaning cow skulls that I remember coming up on HipMama since I've been here. Go figure.

ANYWAY. You can boil them, or if weather permits, find an anthill and let the ants do their business. Don't use chemicals - don't use bleach.

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Or "I-am-not-really-sure-what-this-site-is-about-but-I-found-it-on-a-google-search-for-cleaning-cow-skulls-so-what-the-hell"-esque

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There have been a few "how to clean dead animal parts" questions that I remember. i like that you can ask a question like this on hipMama, and get a few answers.

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I think it's because of our artist mama (are you still here?) that used animal bones in her work. She wrote about it here, and now people do a google search on how to clean animal bones and assume this is a cow skull cleaning site. Called hipmama. It's kind of funny.

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there is this coyote skull in the woods that I want to pick up and I was wondering how to clean it....Big Thanks!