child support and ethics

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It's been almost three years since my FAX paid any child support. He is currently mooching off his ailing, elderly father (in the guise of caring for him). Alameda County no longer pursues "Seek Work" orders (although they've told me that I could file one myself. Yeh, right. Lawyer that I am. With copious amounts of free time at my disposal, after cleaning other people's houses all day and doing mom sh*t for two teenagers!).
And, sigh, apparently, if some bozo like my children's father doesn't pay ANY support for three years in a row, the CSS can close the case. I've heard that they only do that when they, themselves, are trying to collect welfare arrears, but I get so much conflicting information from them that it's hard to tell what's up.

So, I'm thinking about sending a $20 support payment. Cash. With Bozo's return address on the envelope.
I guess I need to staple it to a piece of paper that has the case # and relevant information on it, too, so it goes to the right place. And I need to do it quickly, since the last payment received was on June 7th, 2005.

Is this illegal? I mean, I guess they don't care who pays the support, KWIM? Is it unethical? Sending myself a payment, just to keep the case open? (for another three years--I don't really forsee him paying anything, ever).