can you tell me what you love and hate about Baltimore?

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Tue, 05/26/2009 - 08:54 -- Lapis

ANOTHER prospect... (I know, there is a new one every few weeks or so... its driving me mad/always exciting)...

at any rate Baltimore is a NEW prospective city. I have heard all the scary bad stuff, I've been living in DC for a year now which I think has a similar sketchy "block by block" thing going on so I'm a little bit familiar....

but can you tell me something good? or places to stay away from? or neighborhoods that are amazing? Do/have any of you live(d) there?

do share?


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It's not really a city, in my book - Although, my view is skewed, I'm originally from NYC. To me, Baltimore is a big town. And like any other place in the world - some parts are better than others. I don't think its outrageously dangerous. I'm not used to DC so I would be more nervous in DC than Baltimore.
So, depending on your income, some nice places to live near or around here are: Howard County (Ellicott City, Columbia, Elkridge), Catonsville ( prefer closer to UMBC and Catonsville Community College), Baltimore Harbor ($$$$$), Fells Point (some good and some bad), Charles Village (artsy, gay, some safe areas some not so safe seeming), Hampden...
You could also check out the Baltimore City Paper for more of a feel of the different areas too. They have a Best of Baltimore issue that comes out once a year that might be helpful.
Their site is
Good Luck!

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Lauraville is a neighborhood that's got a lot of great stuff going on. The rents are still pretty cheap, and there's a great bookstore, coffee, yarn store, and DIY-workshop run by a woman who teaches folks how to fix & build stuff. I used to live in a bombed-out section of West Baltimore and now live just across the city/county line in Baltimore County, and will stay there mainly because my son can go to our neighborhood public school. The schools in Baltimore City are a complete mess. There's some great charter schools--like the new public Montessori charter downtown--but the waiting lists are years long. I also used to live in New York, moved back here for family reasons, and I really miss NY. I know a lot of people would disagree with me, but I generally think Baltimore is a sad, run-down place, and even though it's got a lot of great stuff going for it, I would never have chosen to move here if I didn't have to.

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I've lived in MD for over 20 yrs. and I'm still not too keen on the place, but my famiy is here... :~

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those comments are very helpful. its still not even sure we'd be moving there... just a potential place. but it sounds like there are a few good neighborhoods and it wouldn't be forever.

any thoughts on living there WITHOUT a car? I still don't know how to drive, thanks to only having lived in cities with great transportation: seattle, san fran, nyc, dc, paris... anyhow, I suppose I could learn but sure don't want to.

between hampden and lauraville what do you ladies vote for. suburbs are probably out for us: between cost and car and being far from husbands work, well we'd rather be a bit closer in. ps. he bikes EVERYWHERE. i like to walk (or bus).

Thanks again