Breathing a sigh of relief

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I just switched off spr*nt and started with M*tro PCS (Ghettro PCS), at a savings of approximately $140 a month. Part of that is because I am no longer paying for my kids' phones, but really, one of their lines was an extra $20 a month, and the other was free, so, yeh. I was stuck with the suck for YEARS because of their stupid contracts, and crappy phones (with planned obsolescence features, I'm sure, because the phones almost always died 2-4 weeks before the contract ended each time), and I didn't get better service when I had a problem. Ugh. I know that I'm trading one multiconglomeration corporation for another, but that's ok for now. In the middle of the conversation, T-Dizzle brought me some warm, gluten-free brownies and a glass of milk. I do heart her, even though I bitch about her sometimes.
I had a really, really wonderful night last night. Went to see a bunch of Black Metal bands at Eli's Mile High Club--which used to be a blues bar, many years ago. It was PACKED, and the whole thing was a little like "shadeshaman's life as a metalhead all-stars"--so many friends, some of whom I haven't seen in years. Some guys even flirted with me (noteworthy as I came pretty much straight from work, no shower, no make-up) which made me feel really nice, and yet extremely uncomfortable. Maybe I'm not ready to date or anything again.
Sometimes I feel like somehow I'm missing out by not dating, like my life has had too many gaps between fellas, but I don't have anything to base that on. I don't know how many people wait a while between dates. I don't know how many people are dating, but don't spend much time with their partner, or how many people have less-than-intimate relationships.
Anyway, last night was much more about the women than the men. Much more hugging and talking and smiling with the girls than with the guys. I think I miss having girlfriends more than dating men. Well, there's another good show tonight, Doom Metal (which is just as heavy as Black Metal, but extremely slow instead of extremely fast. In my estimation, the way that black metal is played, they could cut out all the super fast repetitive notes and just play really long notes and they would have Doom.) Anyway, I think I have inspiration and a name for my new doomy violin thing that I'm working on.

Here's a picture of the violin I'm using. It has five strings (down to a "C", like a viola), and a place to plug in a cable, plus I got a looping pedal and a pedal that lowers the tone an octave, and a bass overdrive pedal and a guitar distortion pedal.

And here's the inspiration and band name, in one (Brinicle).